“Add H4H Traveler” is for travelers offering help in exchange for food and accommodation:

  • Offer your helping hands for accommodation and food!
  • Usually, the traveler works for up to 4 hours per day for food and accommodation! We think this is fair. You can also set up the working time plan individually to your and the host needs. Play fair!
  • We are working hard to keep this place safe and therefore each listing is checked by admin before making it public.
  • Your listing must include at least one photo of yourself. The listing description is a great way to introduce yourself and add any other details.
  • We keep your details safe and ask you not to publish your street address, email and last name in the listing description.
  • Not registered page visitors can see the listings only. Your profile will not be visible. Only registered members can see your profile and contact you via our intern messenger system. You decide if you want to share your details.
  • Our review feature gives you the opportunity to rate your host and see what others think.
  • Register for free and add your listing today!
  • “Add H4H Event” is an additional feature listing opportunity for hosts and travelers. Short time events can be listed under this directory ADDITIONAL to your regular H4H Host listing

Register for free and add your listing today!

Please note: while we do our best and work hard to make this page as safe as possible, only you as a host or traveler are responsible for the contacts you make and the people you interact with. If you add a listing, it means that you agree with it. Play safe! Play fair!

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